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Choosing the right school for your child is a huge decision. We all want our children to be the best that they can be, sometimes the end results are the driver which parents use to shape this decision. In reality it is the child’s journey through school, rather than his exam results at the end, which shapes him as a human being. It is the intangible qualities of a school that matter the most, its spirit, its culture and the collective beliefs of the people who forms it. HOLY PATH CONVENT SCHOOL is just the starting point. We want our students to develop the passion for learning, a relentless curiosity to find out more, a thirst to question and a desire to challenge themselves. We want them to take risks and develop grit. As well as in the classroom, this may also be on the sports fields, the stage or through music. Every child who enters the School is unique, with his own individual skills and talents. We aim to guide our children through these vital formative years, ensuring that we nurture their individuality whilst fostering the skill sets and confidence that they need to thrive as they grow. This holistic synthesis, I believe, is what HOLY PATH CONVENT SCHOOL stands for and it is to this inspiring tradition of education that I consider myself privileged to belong.

Mr Parwej Ansari


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Address: HOLY PATH Convent School, Singhpur Ballia

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